Irritating the Ball of the Foot

Our feet withstand a lot of abuse. But sometimes, they can’t take any more. Hi, I’m Doctor RichardCowin, a foot doctor in Orlando, and today’s blog is about the condition called Morton’s Neuroma, which can develop due to a repeated irritation of the ball of the foot.

If you’re an avid sportsman and are often involved in activities such as basketball, tennis or jogging, the ball of your foot may experience irritation from long periods of  pounding the pavement and/or rubbing against the bottom of yourshoe.  If the issue is not corrected by extra cushioning, the lateral plantar nerve may enlarge and combine with the medial plantar nerve, thus forming the painful condition called Morton’s Neuroma.

If you feel like you have a pebble under your skin when you walk, you may already have this condition. I encourage you to come see me at my office here in Orlando and let me take a look. Click here to read my full report on Morton’s Neuroma and to make an appointment:

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